Auto/Vehicle Rent and Repair Services

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Rent a Car !

AlmaRasaan is offering auto/vehicle rental services in Afghanistan. If you are looking for vehicle/auto for your company and remote teams in the provinces; so no need to be stressful, we are just one email away from you. Get connected with us and be accessible to the model of auto/vehicle you need with qualified and professional drivers at affordable prices. Further, we can fulfil your need in terms of provision of pick ups, trucks, armored vehicles. Reach us and receive customized professional services.

Over and above that, our maintenance and service center, is always, all day and night, watchful to ensure that the autos/vehicles are at perfect condition to be on road.

Auto/Vehicle Repair Services

AlmaRasaan goes beyond the basic services you’d find at any other auto repair workshop. While we complete all of the standard maintenance services, we also go one step further. Our certified technicians do thorough inspections of your vehicle, and can provide same day service. Only the work you authorize will be completed, and our services are guaranteed.
Competitive pricing, quality technicians, and comprehensive service makes AlmaRasaan the right choice for all of your vehicle’s needs.

Why Maintenance and Repairs?

For Business:
An effective preventative vehicle maintenance system consists of scheduled maintenance, component repairs and vehicle inspections to prevent breakdowns. The benefits of an effective preventative maintenance system are:
Proper preventive auto/vehicle maintenance system consists of well-planned maintenance, component repairs and auto/vehicle inspections to prevent breakdowns. The advantages are as below:
•  Reduction of overall maintenance and operating costs
•  Reduction of operating costs due to fewer vehicle breakdowns
•  Improvement in auto/vehicle fuel consumption
•  Enhancement in vehicle residual value and protects your assets
•  Reduction of risks of auto/vehicle downtime at roadside checks
For Road Safety
Ensures the safety and roadworthiness of your vehicles:
•  increased driver safety and improves their working environment;
•  increased passengers safety;
•  increased road safety for other road users; and
•  ensures your vehicles meet the minimum standards defined by law.
MRO Areas:
•  Full Car Checkup
•  Spare Parts and Accessories
•  Routine Oil Change
•  Vehicle Repair and Maintenance
•  Car Body Repair
•  Installation of Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)