About Us

AlmaRasaan is a progressive form of services agency founded to facilitate services in the field of logistics. The company is situated in three prime locations of connectivity: Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates and Turkiye. Our international connectivity will be crucial chain your supply chain network.
AlmaRasaan is delivering support services with speed, higher quality, competitive pricing and full safety. AlmaRasaan is quick in terms of response, support and innovation. We aim to reinforce the organizations to complete their operations without any delay, gap or shortfalls originating from the logistical point of view.
AlmaRasaan is to be considered a partner in promoting your procurement, logistics and  supply chain. We are helping you to reduce your cost and enhance your operational efficiency. Working with field relevant experts such as AlmaRasaan will not only ease your work, but also help you in easy communication, understanding your needs, contributing to your plans and implementations. We are not one-man show or just a firm which is lacking a team or is just with a domain name. We are team with understanding, logic, experience and CRM (customer relationship management)