Moving and Packing Services

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Office Relocation:

If you are determined to re-locate your office to another district, zone or province, let’s KNOW! We are assuring you of safe transportation, and will be 100% taking care of everything dismantling your effects, furniture, IT equipment.

Fine Arts Relocation Services:

AlmaRasaan is the only fine art moving firm in Afghanistan. We are handling fine arts with the highest standards to protect fine art, antiquities, and artifacts in both storage and transit around the country and out.

Industrial Packing and Lashing:

We, at AlmaRassan, facilitating your exhibitions, shows and events make-shift cubicles and no WORRY once they are over how to break them. We will be able to help you collect your materials properly placed at your warehouse where they can be stored until next event, show or exhibition.

Vehicle Lashing Services:

We are experts in stuffing and lashing of cars in 20’/40’ containers right from a single car to multiple cars in 2 layers as per the requirement of the clients. AlmaRasaan has its own yard and ramp arrangements for car stuffing. Our skilled and experienced lashing teams are well equipped and work 24/7 to ensure timely deliveries to the port. We take extreme care in handling the vehicles and use only quality materials for stowing and lashing.

Pipe Lashing Services:

For pipe lashing, various factors like weight, rolling radius, racking forces etc. are carefully taken into consideration as per the mode of transportation to execute a full proof lashing plan with an appropriate lashing materials like heavy duty lashing straps, wire ropes, chains etc. as per their load and suitability.
We also have in-house facilities to manufacture wooden saddles and skids to secure pipes in transit. We stock a number of padding materials to safely lash and secure pipes with sensitive surfaces.

Handyman Services:

Regardless size of your office and organization, sometimes, the administrative and support unit is so much engaged that they do not have time for some small works which need fixture. AlmaRasaan facilitates highly skilled, quality-driven handyman services matching your pocked needs. Our team is capable of doing any kind of handyman tasks such as household fixtures and painting efficiently, economically and effectively. If you require top quality, affordable handyman services in Afghanistan. AlmaRasaan logistics can assist you at any time.

Our services include:

  • Painting Services
  • Carpentry Services
  • Electrical Services
  • Plumbing Services
  • Handyman Services
  • Tiling Services
  • Window Repair
  • Small Appliance Repair